Are you Interested  To Become a Professional Investor and Trader?  

As an Investor, I'm confident that your aspiration is to invest In a way that Generates Cashflow And Gives you that feeling of certainty now, that your future is financially secure, allowing you to enjoy life fully, and sleep at night free from that constant anxiety about money!

The end result you need is to secure your long term financial security & the fulfilment of one of your life's most precious goals.
Maybe, In the past, you've experienced failure with investing, because of poor advice and services that have fallen short of promises made,...
Maybe you've even actually lost money in previous investments...
Maybe even you lost money in the training that has left you far from properly equipped to invest with success...

In fact, if you're like most people, you’re scared of losing your hard earned capital that crucially you'll never be able to recover.
You're probably not to blame because You put your trust in the experts and rely on their integrity and experience when deciding what to do for The Best.
Here's some good news for a change...

What’s really stopping you is doubts about whether Your financial goals will be achieved & whether we'll deliver on our promises To You.
Which means, the underlying issue here is all the chancers, gamblers and dreamers who talked a good fight but took your money with a totally misguided faith in their own abilities and lost peoples money - maybe somebody you know - maybe even you……

But here's the good news: in the circumstances we're going to agree right now that there’ll be no offers made involving tens of thousands or promising millions- or in unproven schemes, or in high risk strategies - fair enough?
Here's the key to getting around these worldwide hazards. If you're a Investor serious about the Idea Of long term growth...

Please just take a quick look at these clips made by my clients (who felt just like you do now) who have an important message for you about your worries and concerns, which are exactly what they themselves were concerned about before they decided to try a low investment, low risk strategy, proven over 150 years and I’m which i’ve built a life from homeless to £million investment portfolio - but please don't just take my word for it - so just watch this clip and trust your gut instinct on how these reviews leave you feeling - sound fair?


As you saw they have all one thing in common - total confidence that they have secured their Long term financial security & the fulfilment of one of their life's most precious goals.


Because they felt responsible and decided to design their future themself instead of leaving it to the government...


Taking the 1st step!
Are you a person of faith?
In your own intuition?
Here is what you can expect from us...

  • Live online weekend courses to perfectly fit around your existing job
  • ​Access to recording of live teachings to study in your own time 
  • *UK TAX FREE profits (*depending on trading type)
  •  100% Course money back guarantee
  • ​ FREE practice account up to 100K
  • ​ Recession proof limitless earning potential
  • ​Adopt a trading lifestyle to suit you
  • ​ Be your own risk manager
  • ​Join our telegram and facebook support community
  • opportunity to become one of our mentors 
  •   Learn the same technical analysis skills used by professional traders
  • ​ Range of courses up to 1 year incl full mentorship
  • ​ Hard copy training manuals sent to you by post
  • ​Courses cover forex, indices, crypto currencies, Gold, long term investment and short terms trading opportunities
  • Only use ​recommended FCA regulated trading platforms
  • ​ Join our unique trading family
  • ​Get offered fund to use in trading and Investing

This Live Session is on The 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 
@7:30PM UK TIME 

This Could be one of the most important webinars you will watch that changes your life and helps you achieve Financial Freedom.
 Spaces are Limited Register Now!
This webinar usually gets full fast, so register your seat quick before all the spaces in this webinar is full.

WEBINAR includes an introduction to;

  • The basics of trading and why trading and investing is the only way to financial freedom
  • ​Proven risk management strategies to manage your account 
  • ​What are the secrets to be a good trader and investor?
  • ​Strategies to become a successful trader and professional investor.
  • ​Strategies to build your account while you are learning
  •   Examples of us helping our attendees   building  their accounts
  • ​Flexible trading from home & around your current job
  • ​ Offer to Join me for a 2 days live webinar

Start your flexible trading journey today!

Your Coach For This Session
Ali Shahraki
MBA In Business & Experienced Forex, Stock market and Crypto  trader and investor with level 6 in Coaching and Mentoring
All Market Trading  Mentor, Wealth Creation Coach, Market Analyst, Risk manager and Joint Venturist  
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